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The final game of the American football season, the “Big Game,” is one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world. In any given year it commands over 100 million viewers. But not everyone watches for the joy of sport: The ads that run during commercial breaks have become one of the event’s biggest attractions.

While most of these viewers still reside in North America, the game’s popularity has been steadily rising throughout the world. 



Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the localization industry in recent years. Case in point - machine translation (MT) increases output by 30%. Moreover, AI-powered tools and technologies automate tasks from terminology management to quality assurance to workflow management.


As these innovations increase speed and efficiency, they also transform the role of translators, project managers, and other language professionals. 

The rise of mobile devices has given marketers a window into customers’ lives in a way nothing else can. With the right permissions, you can gain key context regarding app users when they’re out and about, making it possible to send them targeted emails, push notifications, texts, and ads. Known as location-based marketing, it’s an effective way to provide more meaningful, personalized experiences and to drive foot traffic to your nearest retail stores.

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 When you hire a copywriter, you want someone who understands your business.  So, why am I qualified ?  Because I: 

  • Translated web content - I understand the challenges of adapting your message.  

  • Developed  successful content strategies for  international companies - I can bring out your unique voice. 

  • Collaborated  with designers and have some design experience myself -  I know the importance of marketing and design working together.


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The next billion customers are in Africa. It’s forecasted that the population of Nigeria alone will be greater than that of the United States in the next 30 years. As the continent’s population grows, so does the demand for online services. This opens a wealth of opportunities for companies that are looking to expand into new markets. Yet it also poses some unique challenges when it comes to translation and localization.

Until recently, digital transformation was considered-forward thinking. But in today’s new normal, it’s a matter of survival. As customer journeys increasingly begin online, organizations must adopt a digital first strategy to thrive. That requires putting customer experiences first, embedding global readiness into your offerings, and creating new business processes that enable you to provide exceptional service worldwide.  


Push notifications have come a long way since the first one popped up back in 2009. No longer limited to plain text messages, push has become a powerful tool for rich, interactive customer engagement. 


Advanced features such as rich pushpush- action buttons, and Push Stories help marketers capture users’ attention and drive engagement by piquing the interest of users in enticing ways. But if you want to get the most from these features, you need to know which ones to use, and when to use them. 

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