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More Santa Fe, New Mexico than Miami, Florida, Argentina’s northwestern provinces open the door to indigenous cultures, red deserts, and the Andes Mountains. This often-overlooked region is the perfect getaway from the bustle of Buenos Aires thanks to its laid-back towns and gorgeous landscapes. Its six provinces include (from south to north) La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Salta, and Jujuy.

With 221 million native speakers, Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Yet it has two distinct dialects which--to the untrained ear--sound like two different languages. That leaves potential Portuguese language students with a choice: study European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese. 

Maybe you have already decided on a dialect. Maybe you planned a trip to Brazil or want to connect with your Portuguese heritage. Or maybe you just prefer one accent over the other. However, if choosing a dialect has you at a standstill, this article should help you decide. 


When it comes to learning the language, the distinction is helpful. European and Latin American Spanish have significant (though mutually intelligible) differences in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. And one will be more useful than the other, depending on where you live and work. However, when it comes to translation these broad categories may not provide enough nuance to capture your message in a given country. 



Language Education, Language Services & Travel 

 When you hire a copywriter, you want someone who understands your business.  So, why am I qualified ?  Because I: 

  • Speak fluent Spanish, conversational Portuguese,  and basic French and Italian - I know what works.

  • Translated websites and served as a bilingual account rep - I understand the challenges of translating your message.

  •  Have written city guides and promoted lesser known travel destinations - I capture the magic of places off the beaten path .  


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You’ve no doubt heard of the five stages of grief. What about the five stages of travel? You read that right. Thanks to the internet, travel planning involves a bit more than researching and booking. And reaching potential customers with the right content at each stage will greatly improve your chances of closing the sale.


But what are the five stages and how should you market at each of them? According to an interactive Google infographic, they are:

When you’re learning a new language, proper pronunciation is often the biggest hurdle. You may feel self-conscious about your accent and struggle to say certain words. So, you probably want to improve your pronunciation to sound more like a native. But did you know pronunciation is also an essential part of understanding a new language? By improving yours, you’ll not only sound more fluent. You’ll also understand native speakers better.

The average person gets exposed to upwards of 4,000 ads per day, making it harder than ever to stand out. So, it’s no surprise that companies are shifting to fun, quirky brand voices to grab your attention. Yet what works in English poses a major challenge for marketing translators.

A literal translation will almost certainly lose any puns, double meanings, or shared understanding that makes the message resonate. Transcreation, on the other hand, gives translator the freedom to adapt it not only to another language, but to another culture.