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Are you tired of spending hours on social content only for it to fall flat? 

Your content may not be the problem. According to an AdWeek survey, 76% of respondents said they prefer content from individuals, not brands. So, how do you increase engagement when followers are overwhelmed with ads? Through Employee Advocacy!

It's how I boosted likes, shares, sign ups--and even sales at a corporate services firm. With the sales team's help, I got 3X the engagement on LinkedIn (our most important channel) when it came to  company content.


Wait, what the heck is Employee Advocacy? 

Simply put, it's the promotion of a company by its employees. And social media is one of the easiest ways to do it. When employees' friends and followers see a post from someone they trust, they're more likely to like, share, sign up, or even buy! (For more on how employee advocacy can benefit your brand, check out my article for FischTank PR.)

But here's the thing. For this to really work, you can't just wing it. You need an employee advocacy program to incentivize your team and track the results. 


How do you create an Employee Advocacy Program? 

Disclaimer: I'm  committed to keeping your email  address confidential. I don't sell, rent, or lease subscription lists to third parties, and won't provide your personal information to any third party, individual, or government agency, unless compelled to do so by law. I will use your email address solely to provide information about Keck Marketing. 

Like any marketing campaign, it starts with a plan.  This free 5-day email course will walk you through the same steps I took to get followers to like, share, and download "boring" legal content. 


No matter the industry, employee advocacy works because your team members have friends, family or followers in the same (or similar) field.  And who doesn't like relevant content from people they trust?

Ready to create your own employee advocacy program? Fill out the form to get started!