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I'm Jennifer, Founder of Keck Marketing.  When I graduated from college with a B.A. in Spanish, I had no idea where my degree would take me. I started out as a freelance translator, before accepting my first copywriting role at a boutique agency. From there, I transitioned to a content marketing manager role at an insurtech company, and then moved on to an international corporate services firm. 


After 10 years in digital marketing, I decided it was time to go out on my own and become a soloprenuer.  Now I get to combine my love of writing, languages, and travel to help clients reach their sales goals. 


 A language-lover since childhood, I speak fluent Spanish, conversational Portuguese, and a little French and Italian. 

When I'm not  reading or writing, I enjoy watching horror movies, traveling, and spending time in nature.

I'm Ophelia, Chief Feline Officer (CFO) of Keck Marketing.  I joined the family in 2006 and immediately took charge. I serve as Jennifer's alarm clock and make sure she always meets her deadlines. When I'm not sleeping, I enjoy playing with toy mice and monitoring my neighborhood.