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I'm Jennifer, Founder of Keck Marketing.  I fell in love with foreign languages the day I took my first Spanish class in high school.  Yet when I graduated from college with a B.A. in Spanish, I had no idea where my degree would take me. I started out as a freelance translator,  but quickly discovered  that writing was my calling. 


When I became a copywriter at a boutique agency, I learned that with the right angle, any topic can be engaging. Soon, I was showing off my creative problem solving skills by developing the strategies that drove traffic and built brand authority.  But like many copywriters before, the day came to strike out on my own.  And I've taken the lessons I learned over the eight years I spent in-house and apply them to my work with clients today. 


As for the Oxford Comma? I'm a fan. 





I'm Ophelia, Chief Feline Officer (CFO) of Keck Marketing.  I joined the family in 2006 and immediately took charge. I serve as Jennifer's alarm clock and make sure she always meets her deadlines. I also tend to hop on phone calls and give my feedback--whether she likes it or not. 


When I'm not sleeping, I enjoy playing with toy mice and monitoring my neighborhood.