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5 Ways to Practice Speaking Spanish Without Leaving Home

Updated: May 1

She's chatting on a language exchange app. (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

Speaking Spanish to your dog only goes so far. If you really want to get fluent, you’ll need to practice with someone who can do more than bark back. Yet you may be wondering how to do it while stuck at home due to a quarantine.

Well, thanks to the internet, it’s surprisingly easy to connect with native speakers who are interested in language exchanges or even teach Spanish! So, without further ado, here are five free or affordable ways to practice speaking Spanish (and many other languages) at home.

Language Exchange Apps

HelloTalk (Free with ads or $6.99 per month)

HelloTalk lets you chat with native speakers via voice calls, video calls, texts, and even doodles. The app includes built-in aids for translation and pronunciation to help you communicate with your new pals.

Idyoma (Free)

Idyoma connects you with native speakers from around the world. Practice Spanish with someone as far away as Buenos Aires or Madrid while you help them learn English. You can also connect with language learners nearby to stay in touch with your own community.

Tandem (Free)

Part language exchange part social media, Tandem let’s you talk, text or video chat with Spanish speakers around the world. You can also “follow” people, see who “follows” you, and write reviews about people you’ve chatted with. Just remember, Tandem is for language learning, not flirting. (We have Tinder for that.)

One-on-One Language Lessons

iTalki (Pay per lesson)

With iTalki, you can book language lessons with tutors across the world. Hourly rates vary by teacher, but are much more affordable than in-person classes. And there’s no commitment. You book lessons one at a time.

Verbling (Pay per lesson)

Verbling lets you book lessons with professional teachers via its platform or Skype. Like iTalki, teachers set their own rates, so browse through the listing to find lessons that fit your budget. You can even book a free lesson to try it out.

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve no doubt heard that phrase a million times, but that’s because it’s true! No matter which platform you choose, you still have to put in the work to get fluent. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s the only way you’ll get better. Your exchange partner or even teacher may make mistakes in English, too!


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